Borisov Speaks about GERB’s Achievements During Their Governance in a Lengthy Video (Updated)

  • After this financial apocalypse in the country, we will need a neutral financier, said the leader of GERB. He hinted that Kiril Ananiev could be finance minister
  • The rejuvenation of the party is a fact, he is satisfied
  • He proposed religious tourism for the development of Pernishko
  • They warned that changes were being prepared to return illegal migrants to the countries from which they entered the EU, i.e. in Bulgaria and Greece

I can talk for a long time about everything we did while GERB was in charge. This was stated by the leader of the party and former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov during his ongoing pre-election tour, this time in Pernik. For the first time, the party’s list in the region is led by the chairman of the youth in GERB, Georg Georgiev, who was also an MP in the last National Assembly.

The leader of GERB gave an order to his people – to make religious tourism in the region. “Giginsky. Zablyansky, Zemensky… I can list 20-30 churches and monasteries that we not only repaired, but also built roads to them. I took Ananiev with me, he as a wallet. Then people go to the monasteries on asphalt, they don’t get dusty, there are gazebos, benches. What should we be ashamed of?” asked Borisov.

Regarding what was done in the area, he gave an example of the theater in which his meeting with the people of Pernič was held – “when I was the first one, that theater had burned down, that was gone”. “The theater burned down in Plovdiv, so I was doing 2 theaters that burned down,” said Borisov.

According to Borisov, during his administration, Pernik and the district were the best funded by the government – for water pipes, canals, streets, roundabouts, “Struma”… I can talk to you for an hour,” he pointed out. He also praised the mayor of Pernik, Stanislav Vladimirov. “The water crisis came as it did. They drained her “cold” then. They wanted to apply the same tactic to us 2 years ago – Kiro Petkov drained the Lovech dam and took a picture, they also went to Gabrovo, but Tomislav Donchev went and took a picture with a newspaper on the wall because it was full and they were afraid that we were following them and they did not drain any more. Everything is their scheme,” Borisov summed up.

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The former prime minister warned that the maturities will soon come out and the fiscal reserve will fall to 7-8 billion. Do not count the first 5, they cannot be touched, he added. Other times I said vote because I will finish “Struma” or “Lyulin” I will do. Now everyone else lies and promises, we do the opposite. How will there be a 3% deficit – they lose 10-11 billion without any new policies”, he was indignant.

Borisov joked that he really had fun with “those guys” from “The Change”. “He was going to build an above-ground subway from Kazanlak to Stara Zagora! For Pernik, write a flying subway to Sofia, through Lyulin, to pass through Bankya. And the plane to Skopje, do you remember how many times I flew? Litna, landed and finished. That’s it,” he joked he with the intentions of PP.

“The rejuvenation of the party is a fact. But in my opinion, in the next 1-2 years after this financial apocalypse, we will need a neutral financier, such as Ananiev, who I took at the time from Parvanov and the BSP. He has proven himself with his integrity and the ability to save, balance and protect the money of the Bulgarians. It is very small for him to be only a deputy. We do not have such financiers in the state. He was under Parvanov, under Radev, and under me,” Borisov explained why Ananiev is not leading the lists this time. And he turned to the youth – “if you think you can prevail over the elders, it is still too early for you.”

“I can proudly admit that we made an incredible and invincible team. GERB can restore normality in our country and we can once again take our place in the European family. During the management of GERB, we dealt with all crises, there was a professional management of public expenses , our country was in the top three in terms of the lowest budget debt, with one of the lowest inflation rates. We conducted a correct economic and social policy. Municipalities were our priority, we created normal conditions for business development. Tens of millions of BGN were invested in our region “, listed the work done by GERB Ananiev. We are well aware of the problems of every settlement, we know and can solve them, assured the former minister.

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Ananiev admitted that governing after April 2 will not be easy and will require a lot of effort. “It is a joy for me to see so many young people with capacity and expertise in power. They know that I have always been and remain by their side in the battles they are fighting in Pernishka region. I hope that after April 2 the attempt to form a government will be successful It is necessary to calm down all sectors, to set the work of the administration and business in motion, to stop the impoverishment of the population. A government without GERB is impossible, we have the determination and expertise to go through these crises,” he inspired those present.

“They will never beat us and be at our level. They will never have that energy and strength to follow and stand up for the right decisions, even when it is difficult. I am grateful to Mr. Borisov for resisting, but also succeeding in these stormy times of misunderstanding and confrontation to raise his voice, but also the voice of young people who deserved to be here and on the lists with their expertise,” said Georg Georgiev. He pointed out that there are over 100 candidates for people’s representatives from the youth organization. He thanked Borisov for allowing even in difficult times new faces to prove themselves, supported by wise people like Ananiev, to fight for a better Bulgaria.

“Today, we are obliged to make Bulgaria stable again. I am proud and happy that I have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team, which turned GERB into the first political force in the country, we are also the first in the region,” pointed out Georgiev. “Only the roads we built, and they can’t put a mark. This is the difference between “Change” and GERB – what we did, they only destroyed it. We will return Bulgaria in the right direction, we will make it stable again” , he assured.

Georgiev warned that new European directives are being prepared, which may return illegal migrants to the EU member country from which they entered, and not as GERB fought during their rule – to migration centers.

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“I’m really scared if it’s true, but I don’t know why some of the media, which used to come furiously to ask me, now don’t ask what it would mean. We fought for outsourced centers outside the EU border, in this case in Turkey, Afghanistan – to be returned there. Now I hear that some new programs were adopted yesterday-today, which will return the illegals to the countries of origin – from where they entered the EU. They can enter either through Greece or Bulgaria. In Romania or Serbia to catch them, they will return them here. 90 thousand are in Austria. This will change the demography. A huge base are Muslims, in the mixed regions they will also convert the faith”, the former prime minister is worried.

Borisov emphasized that he is in favor of humane treatment of those fleeing the war. “Those who enter legally are accommodated in centers. But having passed with all the corruption schemes that have been going full force for 2 years, when they are returned, they will clog the centers, they will go around the cities. I remember how they burned Harmanli, Ovcha basin,” he warned.

“You will bitterly regret it, but it is already over. The Bulgarians chose the path of change 2 years ago. They were deceived by the kompromats. But the Econt stole the money from the post office and what not, he didn’t even go to issue his ministry – he fled directly to Spain. Where is the former Minister of Transport, why are they not asking?” asked the GERB leader.

“The other day they closed the Vanche Mihailov club, which Kiril Petkov opened to show friendship. And they closed it with a government decision. The politics of the Balkans was made in Sofia and Varna – Macron, Bibi Netanyahu, Tusk, Tajani, presidents, prime ministers came every few months. How are we going to allow our brothers from North Macedonia to mock themselves? They couldn’t even think about it for a while. They knew that we were thinking of their good and I was doing everything to get them to Europe and NATO,” added Borisov .

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