Boris Bekyarov, one of Vasil Bozhkov’s partners, was detained

Boris Bekyarov

The 66-year-old mathematician and businessman Boris Bekyarov, who appeared today at the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office to be charged, has been detained, 24 Chasa has learned. The reason – the reason that he can hide has not disappeared. The accusation is for participation in the criminal group led by Vasil Bozhkov, who has been in Dubai since the end of January 2020.

As “24 Chasa” was first written by Bekyarov, who had been in Vienna for 22 months at the end of January, he appeared before investigators after returning to the country. He expressed readiness to cooperate.

Bekyarov is a partner with Vasil Bozhkov and as such was included in the expanded list of “Magnitsky”.

Expect details!



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