Boris Becker: surprise on Instagram – tennis legend gives a rare insight into family life

Boris Becker shows his sons on Instagram.

© picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild | Hendrik Schmidt

Ex-tennis star Boris Becker reports back to his fans on Instagram. This time, however, he does not post motivational words, but a private photo of his sons.

  • Sun, sea and palm trees – the older sons of Boris Becker spend time on the beach.
  • Father Boris is currently separated from his offspring and misses him painfully.
  • With a snapshot on Instagram he gives expression to his longing.

London – Posing two weeks ago Boris Becker with his two Sons of Noah and Elias in the British capital London. The image was blurred, wind and rain raging around the trio. As a result, his sons were probably drawn back to warmer climes. Because on one new photo the brothers pose under palm trees instead of on a draughty bridge.

The tennis legend posted the picture of his older two sons Instagram. Of course, hoping for palm trees, beaches and sunshine in Great Britain is in vain. But it seems that Elias and Noah have their father in wet London left behind. Because the former professional athlete writes about the snapshot: „Miss my big boys…“

Boris Becker: The tennis legend misses the time together with the children

The post shows that in the chest of Boris Becker the heart of a thoroughbred family man beats. Although his two sons Elias and Noah are now grown up, he would like to have them around more often. Separate places of residence and travel restrictions due to the Corona-Pandemie make time together probably even more precious than before. Longing can arise there.

But Becker can at least be happy that his sons seem to be doing well under the sun. The two blink happily at the camera. Elias also shares on his own Instagram-Account repeatedly snapshots from the warm paradise by the sea and takes his Follower with the snorkeling tour and the photo excursion.

Boris Becker: He’s grappling with two lawsuits in London

While it seems as if his sons are relaxing in the best way, Boris Becker is still beating himself two court cases around. However, the tennis star denies allegations in his podcast “The fifth sentence” and is hoping for one acquittal. (I have)

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