Borhy is hunted by the competition! I can finish every day, says Lucie

Fear “it’s probably not exactly the right word, but rather a moment that one has to reckon with every day,” she thought Lucie Borhyová (42) on the topic of a possible end in novice news on the pages of Story magazine.

“We started in the summer of 1999 as a new fresh couple, I was the youngest presenter there. And from then until now, I approach it in such a way that I can end up every day. I’m going to work and my card won’t work, “the partner laughs Reye Korantenga (46). And what else could she do, has there been an offer yet?

Lucie Borhyová: We are not currently working on the third child …

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“During that time, a lot of offers came from competing televisions. And not only from them, but also from various other media. Some were really interesting, but if I do something with my heart and I enjoy it, I stay loyal and have no reason to leave. I honestly have to say that I never thought about leaving Nova for a second, “says Borhy emotionally.

Lucie Borhyová revealed: Secret agreements with the fathers of her children Hrdlička and Papadakis!

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