Border Guard Officials Prevent 55 Illegal Crossings on Latvia-Belarus Border and Catch 57 Offenders

Thursday, June 1 55 people were prevented from illegally crossing the border between Latvia and Belarus, while a total of 3,660 people this year. This year, 185 people were admitted for humanitarian reasons.

On the external borders and inside the country in the past 24 hours, State Border Guard officials found 57 offenders.

On the outer borders 28 border violators were found, including:

  • Entry to Latvia was denied to 13 foreigners

One British citizen was denied entry to Latvia at the Vientuli, Grebneva, Silena, Pāternieki and Riga Airport border control points because the foreigner did not have a valid visa or residence permit, four Moldovan and one American citizen, because the foreigners did not have valid travel documents, two Georgian and one Ukrainian citizens , because foreigners could not justify the purpose of entry and stay. Three more Ukrainian and one Russian citizen were denied entry to Latvia due to security reasons. Persons returned to the country of departure.

  • Three foreigners were found to have violated the conditions of stay

Two Chinese and one Kyrgyz citizen who had violated the conditions of stay (exceeded the period of stay specified in the visa) in the countries of the Schengen area were found at the border control point of Silene and “Riga” Airports. Proceedings in cases of administrative violations of Chinese citizens were not initiated, the other persons were brought to administrative responsibility.

  • One citizen of Latvia is prohibited from leaving the country

At the border control point of the “Riga” airport, one minor Latvian citizen leaving for Istanbul was detected, who did not have at least one parent’s notarized consent for the child’s independent departure from the country. The person is prohibited from leaving the country.

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Carrying out immigration control measures within the countryviolations of the rules of entry or stay were found for one Estonian citizen.

For violations in the field of operation of vehicles and vessels Officials of the State Border Guard have called administrative responsibility or prevented 27 persons from crossing the border – 12 citizens of Belarus, four of Russia, three of Latvia, one of Lithuania, one of Greece, one of Kyrgyzstan, one of Moldova, one of Romania, one of Serbia, one of Tajikistan and one of Uzbekistan.

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