Border bombers Boils, legs, frightened, torn, recovered 1,800 buoys this time wrong

Military storageBomb disposalThe border misses a lot. Revealed as a bomb at the Thai side, buried to protect its own base last year 30 must expedite treaty recovery by the year 66

At 1:00 pm on 12 Jan 64, the past has been reported that the National Mine Action Officer. Stepping on a mine While collecting along the border Mine field area Southeast side The base of the operation of the hill 538, the base of the company. 216, Tri 3, Prasat Subdistrict, Ban Kruat District, Buriram Province.

The name was later known, Sen. Phinyo Wongkaew, Deputy Director of the group, the latest search kit sent to the hospital at Buriram Center. Send to Hospital Suranaree Camp Nakhon Ratchasima due to a severe wound Tattered foot meat

Lt. Lt. Winai Boonto, Head of the Humanitarian Mine Action Unit 3, said that this bomb collection was commanded by Gen. Sitthipon Nimnuan, director of the National Mine Action Center, and Gen Chalerm Phon. Srisawat, Supreme Commander To recover the bomb capital under the treaty

34,280 square meters of land to be recovered from approximately 2,000 explosives, total 1,800 buoys, which must be recovered by 2023.All the bombs are owned by the Thai side that were placed to protect the base in 1987.

During the birth of the province, Sen. Pinyo Wongkaew conducted a technical survey. Mines line To recover the mines And while performing that duty Stepped on a landmine Until an explosion occurred

It was found that the type of the landmine was the M14-type stationary bomb. However, the said mine Dangerous for borderline people If there is a detailed recovery People can go to find forest storage.


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