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[21.7.2021] One of the largest fiber optic projects in Saxony-Anhalt is being built in the Börde district, the Giga network. The first school has now been connected to the network. In the further planning, the entire IT of the school is to be modernized.

Municipalities of the Broadband Working Group (ARGE Broadband) are building one of the largest fiber optic projects in Saxony-Anhalt in the Börde district (we reported). One of these municipalities is the unified municipality of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen. After the entire municipality was opened up at the end of 2020, the city is now the first ARGE member to bring a school to the Giga network. According to its own information, the network operator DNS: NET provides the connection. So far, the 275 students and teachers have had to struggle with bandwidths of less than 16 megabits per second, reports the company. “Good education needs a modern infrastructure,” says Hans-Werner Kraul, Mayor of the City of Oebisfelde-Weferlingen. “In this respect, I am extremely pleased that we, together with ARGE and DNS: NET, have activated the first school location with one gigabit per second. The enormous efforts and commitment in the expansion have thus also paid off when it comes to supplying the public facilities. “

Infrastructure for good education

In the next step, the Giganetz has to be rolled out in the school complex, explains Holger Haupt, Head of the Broadband Office – Borde District. “For this, renovation work is necessary in every classroom. This construction project has already been scheduled. In the meantime, the performance from the Giganetz is fed into the existing system of the school, a short-term interim solution that brings more performance. After completion of this construction phase, 1,000 megabits per second will be available in this school, as in many other schools in the district, and will actually be usable. “This creates an important prerequisite for hybrid teaching, notes Friederike Hecht, Head of Education and Culture of the Börde municipality . Because so far there has been insufficient bandwidth across the board in the Börde district. “In order to make the digital classroom a reality, the course must now be set,” she says. The district of Börde has now completed this project step and is thus improving the teaching and learning conditions for students, teachers and administration. And the Drömlingschule Oebisfelde has now also taken the first step towards the digital future. An application for funding from the DigitalPact School had been submitted for the infrastructure required beyond this. “This means that in the coming years there will be continuous improvements on the way to a digital classroom.” According to DNS: NET, the plan is to modernize the school’s entire IT by 2023.

All advantages from 2023

“We are very pleased that the time has come and that we are the first school in the Börde district to be connected to the communal Giga network,” says the director of the Drömling School, Kerstin Grimm-Neubauer. “This is a good day for us. In the course of the measures of the DigitalPact it will unfortunately take until 2023 until we can fully exploit the services and the high transmission potential for everything, as the modernization measures will only be fully implemented then. ” (th)


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