Boonterm kiosk announces a 0.3 baht dividend, launching ‘Mini ATM’

Boonterm kiosk announces a 0.3 baht dividend, launching ‘Mini ATM’

Mr. Narongsak Lert Sapthawee Managing Director, Forth Smart Service Public Company Limited (FSMART) Service Provider ‘Boonterm kiosk’ Revealed that the Board of Directors’ meeting held on February 24, 2021 approved a dividend payment for the second half of 2020, another 0.30 baht per share, which is a payment from the net profit for the operating results from July 1 to December 31, 2020 when Combined with the first half of the year paid 0.30 baht per share, resulting in the year 2020 the company paid the shareholders at the rate of 0.60 baht, representing a dividend yield of 8.4% from the latest share price of the company. Traded at level 7.10 baht / share

This is considered a higher dividend payment than the policy stipulated to pay at least 40% of the net profit, with the company paying a dividend of 98% of the net profit, which will be presented to the general meeting of shareholders. On April 21, 2021, with the record date on March 10, 2021 and the dividend payment to shareholders on April 29, 2021.

For operating results for the year 2020, the company had a net profit of 464.06 million baht, net profit per share of 0.61 baht, a decrease compared to the previous year. Due to the effects of the two waves of COVID-19, the overall economy has decreased, affecting the purchasing power of consumers. And government policies to help free calls, water and electricity in the second quarter, but affected the short term. Therefore, the total top-up value of the company decreases.

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Mr. Narongsak said that in the past year The country’s economy was affected by COVID-19. But the performance of the company can still be profitable. Because Boonterm kiosk has a complete range of services including top-up-pay-deposit-transfer To facilitate the people who come to use the service by 2020, there are 1.5 million transactions in the prepaid-receiving business / day.

Meanwhile, the Banking Agent & Lending Business, which is a bank transfer service, has seen significant growth. The number of recent money transfers increased 65% year-on-year or approximately 1.9 million transactions / month, 19 million transactions / year. And continues to grow

For the direction of FSMART in 2021, the company continues to operate in 3 main business groups: 1. Prepaid business – Automatic payment. 2. Integrated financial and credit service business; and 3. Vending machine and product distribution business With the goal of increasing the amount of service usage through ‘Boonterm kiosk’ To increase the total value from 2020 by approximately 20% from the improved economic conditions Including the company opening new channels and services Under the investment budget of 500 million baht

In addition, 5,000 new cabinets were added this year to expand their market share and replace the less expensive competitors. And the trend of the number of cabinets declining in the overview of the industry And also pushing the campaign ‘Boonterm Rewards’ Create awareness, retain customers, increase the number of uses while managing Boonterm kiosk Focus on quality locations To add top-up balance and make a payment

In addition, the full-service financial services and credit business aims to launch a kiosk. ‘Mini ATM’ That can withdraw cash from the kiosk It also continues to expand its credit business by finding new partners and using Mini ATMs for lending. In addition to the existing deposit, transfer, payment, account opening and electronic identity verification (e-KYC) services. At the same time, it will represent additional banks for both Bank and Non-bank in the first half of this year. As a result, Boonterm kiosk has a full range of financial services and serves as a substitute for community banks, branches and ATMs of commercial banks. Along with increasing the foreign customer base and international money transfer service

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“All of them are believed to be a significant contributor to significantly increase the transaction volume. It is expected that this year the Banking Agent & Lending Business segment will grow approximately 30% from the previous year and will continue to grow exponentially from the ecosystem of integrated financial services, “said Mr. Narongsak.

For the vending machine and distribution business The company is preparing to launch. “Auto cafe” under the brand ‘Flying turtle’ Presents more than 80 premium quality beverage machines with high quality coffee beans and raw materials.The highlight is that the taste can be controlled to the same standard for every glass. Can brew either hot or cold drinks At a great price and 24 hours service in a quality location expected to be fully launched this year. The goal is to expand 20,000 installations within 3 years, expecting to sell 600,000 glasses / day, to strengthen the company’s service. And every cabinet has a service of Boonterm kiosk Which the company does not need to invest more

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