Boom “staycation”: dine and sleep in the hotel. Between mini vacation and bypassing the Dpcm

Pleasure lives in a mini-vacation. All the better if in your own city. This is how luxury hotels or mini hotels offer the possibility of one staycation, as the Americans call it, or a night in a hotel to leave thoughts and stress behind, including dinner and breakfast upon awakening. A way to get around the new rules of the Dpcm?

“We have inverted our offers – underlines Luca Costanzi, food & beverage manager of the Splendide Royal hotel with the Mirabelle restaurant on the rooftop a few steps from Via Veneto in Roma – creating a mini package for the Romans where the double room for the night becomes a plus of the dinner artfully cooked by our chef Stefano Marzetti. After having drunk and eaten no effort to return home, just go down a few steps and sleep in our room equipped with all the comforts and in the morning, after breakfast, you return to work and to life as usual. Who knows if it becomes a couple-saving therapy for someone these days, prices are considerably reduced for the Romans and we already have many requests ”.

“The room is almost the benefit for a starred dinner – adds Francesco Apreda, chef of Idylio of the Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel – we have studied my three new menus for Thursday, Friday and Saturday to combine with a room according to tastes and pockets. It’s not just for rich people, the price of the room is agreed every day with the revenue manager ”.

“There will never again be such an advantageous price to stay at the Rome Cavalieri” says Heinz Beck who together with the ownership of the five-star hotel in Monte Mario has designed a package that includes dinner in La Pergola combined with accommodation in rooms or suites “is a extra service for a top hotel in the capital ”he continues“ we have not only adapted to the new rules but we have done even more so that our customers can spend 24 hours in total relaxation and safety in a very delicate moment ”.

A new balance, therefore, to protect the mental health of each and especially of the couple? Some say it is a legal way to get around the new Dpcm, at least for customers: requests for dinner and night at the hotel are flooding.

The case

Dinner at the hotel after 6 pm, Grillo shares the post of the hotel that “bypasses” the Dpcm. But it is controversy

by Laura Mari

28 October 2020

“We have had many questions in recent days and the staycation was born with the idea of ​​entertainment in the same city where you live” explains Luca Virgilio director of Eden, a luxurious hotel nestled between Via Veneto and Trinità dei Monti in Rome. “The double room will cost less for the Romans with a dedicated package that includes dinner on our terrace, breakfast with a breathtaking view in the morning and for those who want there are also perfectly isolated and sanitized cabins for a beauty treatment. And the problems are forgotten for a day ”.

And if psychiatrists and psychologists everywhere emphasize how important it is to always have your well-being in mind during this period, more than advantageous offers also come from the Hotel de Russie and De la Ville where combined with a de luxe room there is the dinner signed by Fulvio Pierangelini, from Hotel Vilon a few steps from via Condotti or from 47 Boutique Hotel with a magnificent view of the Foro Boario and menu signed by Antonio Gentile.

Also to Milano the Mandarin has strengthened the “staycation by MO” package complete with dinner at the starred restaurant Seta or at the bistro: guests can enjoy a discount of 100 euros to be used in the hotel services between restaurants or spa. TO Bergamo the Cerea brothers of the starred restaurant Da Vittorio also strengthened their offerings. “Honestly – underlines Chicco Cerea – when the Dpcm came out we decided to offer our ten rooms, they are few, but those who have to celebrate a special event book the night to be able to stop for dinner and we did not have to make special reductions because we already have many requests “.

The problem of the moment remains and there are those who sell off the room for twenty euros if you book a table for dinner: it happens at the I Portici hotel in Bologna with a starred restaurant of the same name that sees the Roman chef Gianluca Renzi in the kitchen who declares “we have dedicated a few rooms to this offer with our two tasting menus at 85 or 110 euros, these are not such prohibitive prices for a gourmet experience”.

A more carbonara night? It is possible in the capital for less than 100 euros at the small hotel with only ten rooms Casa Mia in Trastevere, but also at the Hotel San Francesco with adjoining Jacopa restaurant, the owner Daniele Frontoni invites the Romans to switch off with the proposal “Escape to the city”. “The invitation” he says “is to relieve stress with a night in a hotel plus dinner, without circumventing the new Dpcm I simply offer a mini holiday around 100 euros per couple”.

As well as in Lavello in the province of Power where the restaurant and pizzeria Antica Cantina Forentum in Savino Di Noia promotes the weekend of taste at 100 euros per couple with dinner and night in one of the seven rooms. A good alternative at least for a day to the apartment. With children and often even a screaming spouse.


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