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Booba attacks Meta France which still has not reactivated its accounts. He expects a clear and precise explanation from the group…

Booba has been waging a merciless war against Magalie Berdah for months. Moreover, the rapper does not wear the designer of Shauna Events in her heart. Thus, he tirelessly denounces the scams of the agency’s influencers.

Booba furious against Magalie Berdah

Booba does not take off and he makes it known on Twitter! First, he intends to win the battle between him and the creator of Shauna Events, Magalie Berdah. As a reminder, the latter denounces the questionable product placements made by the majority of reality TV candidates.

The latter multiply the tv appearances in lots of shows. And they are followed by millions of subscribers, which attracts brands. In addition, they chain product placements in stories Instagram or even Snapchat.

Through this, they encourage their fans to buy different items. The problem? Some customers do not receive their items. And even worse, the products are sometimes very bad qualities or on sale at high prices.

Scams exposed

Booba also revealed other scams. Indeed, this case also shed light on dropshipping. According to the definition, it consists of selling products on an e-commerce site. The seller only takes care of the commercial part and does not hesitate to triple the prices. Products sent by large Chinese groups such as Aliexpress sometimes displease customers.

But it’s not just that. NFT scams, au CPF or even fake driving licenses make TV candidates tremble. Not to mention trading or crypto. Moreover, they are paid crazy sums to sell sometimes dubious products.

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Booba, who has already filed a complaint against Magalie Berdah, also arrested the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. The latter is looking at new laws to regulate the profession of influencer. He said last January: “The vast majority of influencers follow the rules. But there are also certain scams or sometimes certain oversights. It is these discrepancies, sometimes its cheating that we want to correct with the regularization of this sector. »

The Meta France group arrested

Booba also challenged the Meta France group. Facebook and even Instagram have common rules. The group does not hesitate to deactivate accounts.

And since the scandal, the star’s accounts have been deactivated numerous times. By conducting the investigation, the latter therefore realized that Magalie Berdah would hide behind this fiasco. He even has a video that proves it.

He says on Twitter: “We have a recording of Magalie Berdah who admits to having contacts with you and at Snapchat to blow up accounts that displease her and reactivate those of her influencers. My two accounts are still not reactivated! How do we do ?”

The creator of Shauna Events therefore asks disable accounts people he doesn’t like. Her fans left messages en masse under the post. We can read : “ The Duke of 92 has a legitimate question that interests many people. Thanks for answering “ or “Booba VS Meta France is worth all the octagons in the world. »

The rapper hopes that the Meta France group and also Snapchat will help him. The war between Booba and Magalie Berdah is not going to stop anytime soon. To be continued…

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