Bonus Sicily, up to 35 thousand euros non-repayable: the recipients

The Coronavirus emergency has brought many companies to their knees which, if they did not sail in clear waters before, now find themselves having to face a problem without the right means. crisis that is unprecedented. Even the most solid companies are coming out of this situation a lot and in the South, where the balance was quite precarious even before Covid, things don’t seem to be going better. For this reason the Sicily region decided to allocate a bonuses for local companies, acknowledging these up to 35 thousand euros in non-repayable funds if they are among those that have suffered damage due to Covid.

Bonus Sicily: the recipients of the grant

The Sicily bonus will be recognized only to certain enterprises: to obtain up to 35 thousand euros in non-repayable funds, in fact, one must be in possession of certain requirements. Specifically, they may have access to the le micro-enterprises artisan, commercial, industrial and service that have:

  • registered office and / or operational in Sicily as of December 2019;
  • less than ten employees;
  • a revenue annual and / or an annual balance sheet total not exceeding € 2 million.

Finally, to these three requirements is added that of proven loss suffered during the lockdown.

The bonus can also be requested from hotel businesses who have not exercised economic activity and, in the same way, have had a decrease in turnover in the period from March to April 2020.

Bonus Sicily: how the grant works

Terms and how to access the bonus have been clarified since announcement published by the Region of Sicily. The contribution, however, will not be the same for everyone and the same amount it will depend on the moment in which the company was started, while the greater the amounts allocated to younger companies. In particular:

  • companies that started their business after 31 December 2018 will receive the sum of 5 thousand euros;
  • companies that started their business before 1 January 2019 and were on a flat-rate tax regime in the 2018 tax year will receive the sum of 6 thousand euros;
  • companies that started their business before January 1, 2019 and were under the ordinary tax regime in the 2018 tax year (up to a total maximum of 35 thousand euros) will be allocated a sum equal to 5 thousand euros increased by an amount equal to 40% of the average turnover of two months (calculated on the basis of the turnover / turnover of 2018).

The bonus will be recognized until the funds run out, the resources allocated to meet the applications received are in total 125 million euros.


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