Bonus INPS, mayor of Comasco: “I return the 600 euros” | The mayor of Campobasso is also among the beneficiaries

“I’m not afraid to put my face on it” “So today I wrote to INPS (email at 2.38pm, who wants the text too, come forward) asking how to return the INPS bonus money”, reads the post. “Many have advised me not to do it: ‘You would admit you were wrong’. Well, no, no admission, but the simple demonstration that if you are a correct person, you are not afraid to prove it. I prefer to put my face on it immediately, as I did yesterday explaining rationally because I asked for a bonus and I do it again today (in a more angry way), as I have always done in my life “.

“However, the time has come for evaluations, to understand if it makes sense to engage in politics in this way and in this context – concludes Broggi -. If it makes sense to spend your days working to hear from your state, the state you served in spitting blood for the last few months. For me, public commitment has always had a profound meaning and certain words, certain phrases, certain hasty arguments brought down on everyone without distinction have really hurt “.

Bonus also for the mayor of Campobasso – There is also the mayor of Campobasso, Roberto Gravina (M5s), among the beneficiaries of the 600 euro Covid bonus. The confirmation comes from the mayor: “I’m sorry that a problem has arisen that in my opinion is not comparable to what happened, simply because the disbursement by the Forensic Fund is recognized to those who have demonstrated that they have had a decline I don’t live from politics, I work as a lawyer, but I immediately donated that disbursement to the Municipality fund through a bank transfer. I honestly didn’t expect the second, but I stress that I donated both to the Municipality “.

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