Bonus curtains and mosquito nets, buy with the eco-bonus to save on the air conditioner

Bologna, 15 May 2022 – Il heat it becomes more and more insistent and summer is upon us. But, between energy price increases and bills dizzying, turn on the air conditioner it can get expensive and could make itself felt at the end of the month. Taking advantage of the wave of concessions for the energy efficiency of buildings, however, there is a trick to stem the problem and avoid further cost increases: invest in curtains, blinds or mosquito nets.

The structures that they shelter from the sun limit the temperature increase and then fall within the solutions capable of improving the Energy Performance of buildings. Thus, to combat the heat and the expensive energy, it is possible to resort to50% eco-bonus or 110% ‘super-bonus’which can include both product purchase, installation and certification costs.

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The requirements for the bonus: Enea parameters and CE certification

The purchase of structures that darken one’s home by resorting to tax relief tools is allowed only in full compliance with the rules established byAeneas (the national agency for energy, environment and new technologies).

Noin therefore falls within the possibility of the bonus, all do-it-yourself products or other non-compliant installations and furnishings.

What are the structures: curtains and blinds

Among the structures with which it is possible to access the bonus appear both the darkening elementsboth solar shieldssuch as curtains and venetian blinds.

The former, such as roller shutters and shutters, can be installed on the windows, but only if equipped with certification CE which certifies its energy efficiency. The latter, on the other hand, can be applied indoors, outdoors or installed on the windows and must be adjustable. Specifically, it goes from awnings to roll-up tarpaulins; from roller blinds to Venetianuntil to sunshade curtains.

Mosquito nets: here are what are allowed

They are also allowed mosquito netsalways if they comply with the same parameters and, in particular, if they comply with the standard Uni En 14501 (which certifies a value of the total solar transmission factor, coupled to the type of protected glazed surface, not exceeding 0.35).

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