Bondarchuk will not forgive! Did Paulina Andreeva have an abortion from her unloved spouse?

Apparently, the child was not at all included in the plans of the actress.

The wedding of Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk became one of the high-profile events of the past year. Despite the fact that the event was quite closed, the journalists still managed to make out a bride who … alas, was not at all pregnant, as many had hoped.

Fedor has long dreamed of heirs. And despite the fact that he was 50, he does not lose hope of becoming a father again. And now, rumors began to appear on the network that Paulina was finally pregnant. According to the media, the girl was noticed in one of the elite medical centers in Moscow. Comparing all the facts, many immediately suspected Andreev of a long-awaited pregnancy.

It’s just that neither Paulina herself, nor Fedor, were in a hurry to confirm the good news, and the other day Paulina came to the premiere of one of the films and showed an ideal figure.

And if the last month the actress practically did not go out trying to hide her rounded belly from the press, now she is happy to visit the red carpet in the company of her husband.

But where could a “pregnant” stomach disappear in such a short period of time? It is likely that Paulina had to have an abortion of his unloved husband.

Many accused the girl that her marriage with Bondarchuk was just a fiction, which Andreeva went only for her own benefit, and the child, of course, was not at all part of her plans.

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And this despite the fact that many prophesied to the couple a childless future, which was repeatedly confirmed by well-known numerologists and seers.

There is no doubt that Bondarchuk could not forgive Andreeva for such a trick and would file for a divorce, because Fedor has long dreamed of heirs and he does not intend to change his mind at all.


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