Bond of Love September 12, 2021: Papa Chandra, the mastermind behind the terror of the Aldebaran family, Reyna became the trigger

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond 12 September 2021 will be broadcast tonight on RCTI Plus at 19.45 WIB.

This article contains Spoiler Love Bond which reviews the previous episodes and predicts the storyline Love Bond 12 September 2021.

This episode is still about terror recurring that befell the family Aldebaran.

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The mastermind behind terror still constantly sought by Aldebaran and Angga.

The only key clue terror has died.

Motorcycle taxi driver as the executor of the action terror was hit by a truck while being chased by Angga and Aldebaran.

However, new evidence has been obtained by Aldebaran through Reyna’s medical test results.

Reyna’s medical test showed that she was actually poisoned through the cake.



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