Bolsonaro criticizes the legalization of abortion in Argentina

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro deplored the legalization of abortion in Argentina on Wednesday, December 30. “I am deeply sorry for the Argentinian children, whose lives can now be mowed down in their mother’s womb with the consent of the state”, wrote on Twitter the far-right leader, who enjoys the support of evangelical neopentecostal churches, which are fierce opponents of the legalization of abortion. “As long as it is up to me or my government, abortion will never be allowed on our soil. We will always fight to protect the lives of the innocent ”, he added.

On Wednesday morning, the Argentine Senate approved the legalization of abortion up to fourteen weeks pregnant. Center-left president Alberto Fernandez hailed the move, saying it made Argentina “A better society which extends women’s rights and guarantees public health.”

In Brazil, abortion is punished by three years in prison and is only allowed in cases of rape, danger to the mother or serious malformation of the fetus. The Supreme Court held a series of public hearings on the legalization of abortion in August 2018. On this occasion, Dr Maria de Fatima, representative of the Ministry of Health of former President Michel Temer, affirmed that despite very restrictive legislation, one in five Brazilian women had already had an abortion. According to her, 203 women die each year after clandestine abortions and 250,000 are hospitalized following complications.



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