Bolivia disavowed chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite treatments to treat covid-19

Photo: EFE

He Bolivian interim government disavowed the use of chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite to treat patients with covid-19 and warned about the risks of its use.

He Ministry of Health He pointed out in a statement that these products, also called Miracle Mineral Solution, are not a medicine and they lack a sanitary registry that guarantees their safety, quality and efficacyTherefore, its elaboration, import, sale and use in Bolivia are illegal.

“As long as there are no formal and rigorous studies on its toxicity, its biological effects on the body in defined pathologies, its pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, the Ministry of Health does not authorize the use of this product“Noted the note.

The institution alerted the population to the possibility of fraud and on the risks of organic damage possibilities due to its use outside the guidelines of the national drug law. He recommended refraining from purchasing and / or consuming this product.

The ministry also recalled that chlorine dioxide and sodium chlorite are chemicals used as ingredients for disinfectants and other industrial uses, but there is no evidence to support its use against covid-19 or other diseases.

They are also not recognized as drugs by any international health agency, nor are they included in pharmacological standards.

«Its use puts the population’s health at serious risk who consumes it or intends to do so, “warned the Bolivian health authorities.

Between the Adverse effects Reported to the United States Food and Drug Administration are respiratory failure, changes in the electrical activity of the heart, acute liver failure, vomiting and diarrhea, the statement added.

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FDA warnings about the effects of these products date back to 2010, but they are still sold online and through independent distributors in various countries.

The World Health Organization and health authorities in countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru have previously issued alerts on the damage caused by these products.

The WHO warned that there is no evidence that chlorine dioxide is effective for medical use, not only to treat the coronavirus, but any other disease.

A drug that is approved in Bolivia against covid-19 is Ivermectin and hyperimmune plasma treatments are also allowed, although experimentally and not for all those infected.

Bolivia registers 934 deaths and 29,423 cases of covid-19, according to the latest official report.

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