Boisset-Saint-Priest rethinks its town center

the December 16, 2020 – Writing – Amnagement


As part of the call for projects “for dynamic and attractive town centers / town centers”, launched by Loire Forez agglomeration in 2018, the town of Boisset-Saint-Priest was selected to benefit from technical support and financial of the agglomeration.

To carry out this mission, the town has selected the association Pari des mutations Urbaines (PMU), Ambert base (63) and consists of architects, town planners, programmers, landscapers, economists and graphic designers. The latter will be present for a week in January in the town for a great immersion. This time will be the opportunity to conduct several workshops with the lus and the inhabitants. The diagnosis, the conclusions of which will be made in spring 2021, will allow the elected officials to identify the major challenges facing the municipality and to draw up their municipal development strategy. PMU will then have the task of proposing several development scenarios for town centers and their links.



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