Boiron laboratory employees are mobilizing against the announced closure of their site

While the world leader in homeopathy examines this Wednesday a vast social plan that could affect more than 600 people in France, the 34 employees of Chauray in Deux-Sèvres are mobilizing against the announced closure of their site.

Boiron’s staff in Chauray are mobilizing this Wednesday against the closure of their laboratory scheduled for June 2021.
Nine of the 34 employees of the Deux-Sèvres site made the trip to the headquarters of the Boiron group near Lyon, where a social and economic committee is held, which is currently examining the restructuring plan. The others have stopped working.
Last March, the group announced the loss of more than 600 jobs nationwide. Chauray is one of 13 sites to be closed by the world leader in homeopathy.

Anger and rage

On the banners which float at the entrance of the site, the staff displayed their anger: “Armored employees fired shareholders”.
“I am convinced that there will be no reverse engine, I am a few years from retirement and I do not know how I will end” worries Aurora Goncalvez, technician at Boiron.
“I am part of the sales team, we will receive our dismissal letter in mid-November, I have been in this company for 36 years and at the idea of ​​ending up at pole emploi, I feel angry and anger over the company. Shareholders have received dividends, there have been shortcomings in the management of this company, “protested Marie-Christine Boutet, sales representative.

Unacceptable departure conditions

While the management justifies its restructuring plan by the delisting of homeopathy decided by the French government, the strikers point the finger at poor management, they believe that the starting conditions are unacceptable.
“We have a feeling of abandonment and anger towards the government because of the delisting, our leaders have done nothing to save us, there is a desire to want to lay off,” laments Olivier, a technician from the logistics department who has spent his entire career at Boiron.

Report by Alain Darrigrand and Romain Burot in Chauray:

Employees of the Nantes, Rennes, Brest and Tours sites also demonstrated this Wednesday against the Employment Protection Plan (PSE).

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