Bogor City Residents Asked to Be Alert DHF

Currently, there are 152 cases of DPD in Bogor City.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR — The number of cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Bogor City in May 2022, was reported to have increased compared to the beginning of the year. Therefore, residents of the city of Bogor are asked to be aware of dengue fever, which currently has 152 cases recorded in the city of Bogor.

Secretary of the Bogor City Health Office (Dinkes), Erna Nuraena, admitted that there was an increasing trend dengue cases in the last four months. For this reason, he reminded the public to increase awareness of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes temples of the Egyptians the.

“From now on we should not be covered by the Covid-19 issue, because dengue is more dangerous. So that the increase for the eradication of mosquito nests (PSN) must be encouraged again. Yesterday, it started at the sub-district and health center levels,” Erna explained, Sunday (15/5).

Erna emphasized that the Bogor City Health Office had instructed the community through sub-districts and health centers to re-enforce the eradication of mosquito nests. “The important thing is eradicating mosquito nests, eradicating mosquito larvae, in plants, gutters must be done. The principle is that during the rainy season there should be no puddles. The mosquito carrying the dengue virus breeds in puddles,” he explained.

Based on data from the Bogor City Health Office (Dinkes), in the last four months in 2022, the cumulative number of DHF reached 511 cases. Erna detailed that in January there were 129 cases, in February 75 cases, in March 155 cases, and April 152 cases.

Meanwhile, based on data from the Bogor City Regional General Hospital (RSUD), until the second week of May 2022, the RSUD had received 19 cases of children with dengue symptoms. However, the number of patients being treated at the Bogor City Hospital decreased compared to the number of patients in January with over 100 cases, February 61 cases, March 42, and April 56 cases.

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The annual trend has also increased in the 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, there were 89 DHF patients treated at the Bogor City Hospital and in 2021 118 cases.

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