Bogomolov announced the postponement of the premiere of the play “Bulba. Feast”

The premiere of the production at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater will take place only in October.

Bogomolov announced the postponement of the premiere of the play “Bulba. Feast” /

Director Konstantin Bogomolov on Instagram explained why the play “Bulba. The Feast “of his colleague Alexander Molochnikov will not be released in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya on time. They planned to show it to the audience in the very near future.

As Bogomolov noted, a whisper reached him that the performance was allegedly not ready. According to him, this is not true. The actors were ready to go on stage in the spring, but a pandemic intervened.

“The participants are eager to fight, but the team has found several cases of the crown during testing. Thank God, in a mild or asymptomatic form. We do not consider it possible to take risks. Those who were ill and in contact went through tests, and who needs to be treated and are thinking about the future premiere at home, and the theater quickly and clearly found new dates and organized a transfer. And we really hope that we will break through to you, our viewers, with a new premiere in early October. “

Konstantin Bogomolov

Let us remind you that the play “Bulba. Feast “is a fantasy on Gogol themes. Such stars as Igor Mirkurbanov, Gela Meskhi, Yulia Khlynina and Tatyana Lozovaya are involved in the production.


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