Boeing 777 planes that took off from Hong Kong successfully forced landing and Boeing passenger planes have problems

Source Title: The Boeing 777 aircraft that took off from Hong Kong successfully made an emergency landing

According to news from the CCTV news client on the morning of February 26, according to Russian media reports, a Boeing 777 plane from Hong Kong, China to Madrid, Spain successfully made an emergency landing in Moscow on the 26th, with no casualties.

Prior to this, on February 20, local time, a commercial airliner had a large part falling from the plane during an emergency landing. The plane subsequently landed safely at Denver International Airport. Fortunately, no casualties were caused. The flight is a United Airlines UA328 passenger plane, the model is Boeing 777-200.

Boeing issued a statement on the 21st, recommending that the Boeing 777 passenger aircraft equipped with the same type of engine as the aircraft involved suspend operations. According to Boeing, there are currently 69 Boeing airliners equipped with this type of engine in service, and another 59 are in inventory. Robert Sumwater, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, said on the 22nd that a preliminary assessment showed that the damage to the fan blades of the aircraft engine involved was related to metal fatigue.

On the 22nd, the Civil Aviation Administration of China stated that it had noticed an engine fire on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200 passenger aircraft, which was equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4077 engines. The Civil Aviation Administration stated that the current Chinese civil aviation fleet does not have the same model of Boeing 777-200 passenger aircraft, nor does it have a transport aircraft equipped with PW4077 engines. The Civil Aviation Administration will continue to monitor the progress of the incident investigation.

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