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Body of rugby star Bryn Hargreaves, missing for 14 months, discovered at age 37.

Now it is bitter certainty: After 14 months of fear, the body of former rugby star Bryn Hargreaves (37) was found.

This was confirmed by his family on social networks. Hargreaves, then 36, was reported missing by his West Virginia employer in January last year. He hadn’t turned up for work. A huge search operation followed, and sniffer dogs were also used. At that time they found: nothing!

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There were always new searches. Engaged after a fundraiserHargreaves’ family also has a private investigator.

︎ Now his brother Gareth wrote on Facebook: “RIP Bryn Hargreaves. It is with incredible sadness that I can confirm that after 14 months we have finally found Bryn. We still don’t know what he died of and what really happened on 01/03/2022. Thank you to everyone who helped us with the search. We would appreciate some distance and will update you as soon as we have more information.”

The rugby ace’s mother Maria Andrews wrote: “I’m heartbroken. My beautiful son Bryn, words fail me to describe the pain.”

Hargreaves was born in the English city of Wigan with a population of 300,000 – and it was there that he fulfilled his dream of playing for the Wigan Warriors in the Super League. In 2008 he won the Challenge Cup with St. Helens and later joined the Bradford Bulls. About ten years ago he broke with rugby. Hargreaves moved to the US to work in the oil and gas industry.

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The cause of death is unclear

Was it a crime? At the time of his disappearance, his family believed he may have been kidnapped.

Last June, his brother Gareth said: “So you start thinking about the possibility that he didn’t mean to disappear and someone contributed to it, by kidnapping or something along those lines. You start thinking about all the weird things that were happening at the time that are slowly adding up. When the police got to his apartment, the door was closed but not locked and the shower was still on.”

What really happened is so far unclear. His family also said the cause of death has not yet been determined.

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