Body of pregnant woman and unborn child found in various locations in Missouri

The unborn child already had a name: Valkyrie Grace Willis. But her life was taken before she started. The dead child was found on Wednesday and the mother’s body on Thursday. “This is just a reminder that there is evil in the world,” said Nathan Smith, a county attorney. “People do bad things. And for some to exploit a pregnant woman in her most vulnerable state is unimaginable, but unfortunately this is the world we live in ”. Smith refused to disclose how the unborn child was removed from the mother’s body. “The baby was clearly not found with the mother.”

The dead man’s fiancé and the unborn child’s father were devastated. Josh Willis is still trying to stay strong. Ashley Bush leaves behind three children aged eight, seven and two. The couple wanted to get married soon and were looking forward to their baby.

“I’m disgusted with the whole situation. I wish Ashley and Valkyrie were alive and at home with all of us,” Josh Willis said in a statement. “Here are three amazing kids who just lost their mom, best friend and little sister. I just lost my wife and daughter.” The family was devastated. Everyone had hoped that the mother would come home, but then the terrible certainty. “I’ve lost all hope in humanity,” Willis said.

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