Body missing swimmer found in gravel pool Lanklaar

The youngsters had gone for a swim in the pool of the former gravel pit yesterday afternoon, but one of them disappeared trying to reach the other side of the pool.

The fire brigade then went in search of the young man from Maasmechelen with a sonar boat and divers. The search continued until half past twelve last night. A drone was also deployed. “Searches are always made more difficult and are also a lot less safe in the dark,” says Karen De Smedt, of the East Limburg fire brigade.

This morning, two teams from the East Limburg fire brigade started the search again. 12 divers and escorts, with a sonar boat, returned to the lake. And then they found the boy’s body.

In such a gravel pool it is forbidden to swim, the water is deep and there can be a strong undercurrent or you can suddenly end up in cold water.

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