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Sosok.ID – A defector North Korea recently opened a voice about his country of origin which is far from appropriate.

In fact, according to him, the news circulating in the international world was not like the terrible facts that he had experienced while he was still living in North Korea.

Even women who started adventures in various countries after escaping from North Korea Since he was 13 years old, he cannot imagine what the current state of his home country is.

When he was 13 years old, even he and his mother who at that time fled from his homeland via the river to China did not think that he could live until now.

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Because what he experienced when he fled from North Korea was actually like a suicide mission.

The woman named Yeonmi Park (26) told how cruel the Kim family led North Korea.

13 years ago, he was with his mother until he had to eat insects because the lives of the people of his country were so poor.

Hunger was everywhere, causing many deaths when he was a teenager at that time.

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Yonhapnews and Instagram / Yeonmi Park picture collage

The North Korean defector said he was instead sold to a brothel after escaping from North Korea.

Seeing people dying or dying in the middle of the road became commonplace for North Koreans at that time.

This is due to the severe famine that hit the Korean peninsula country.

Cold, darkness and hunger are part of everyday life in the country with the Juche ideology, Yeonmi said.

According to the international human rights activist, what happened in North Korea was due to the government’s ambition of nuclear weapons that was destroying the country’s economic order.

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Not only eating insects, even when he ran away with his mother, he had to become a slave to satisfy his lust once raped with his mother by the Chinese.

Quoting from DailyMail, Friday (4/9/2020) the incident occurred when he fled with his mother to China by crossing the frozen Yalu River.

Before fleeing to Mongolia, Yeonmi and her mother were abducted and sold and raped by her captors.

“You will see so many people dying. It is normal for us to see corpses lying on the streets,” said the author of the book In Order to Live, A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom it was quoted from Daily Mail.

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The North Korean defender who told the horrible story of hunger in the state of Kim Jong Un.

via Daily Mail

The North Korean defender who told the horrible story of hunger in the state of Kim Jong Un.

“I’ve been to slums in Mumbai (India), in other countries, but nothing like North Korea because of starvation of its citizens, systematic starvation by a country that chooses to starve us.”

Even Yeonmi became a witness in the moments before the death of her grandmother and uncle because of the famine that hit her home country.

“If they put aside only 20 percent of everything they spend on making nuclear weapons, nobody will have to die in North Korea of ‚Äč‚Äčstarvation, but Rezom chooses to make us hungry,” said the girl on the list. BBC 100 Women in 2014.

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Even the education system that exists in elementary schools in North Korea is formed in such a way as to make future generations submit and consider the Kim family to be God’s family.

Yeonmi revealed, “there is no concept of friendship” at school because students are forced to fight each other in a “critique session”.

Now that she can escape from North Korea, Yeonmi has managed to get a decent life in the United States.

Although not realized by many countries, the condition of North Korea under the leadership of the Kim family is what he called very sad to date.

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Even Yeonmi revealed how political prisoners were treated by the Kim family there.

Political prisoners were subjected to “torture, sexual violence, forced labor and other inhuman treatment,” according to Human Rights Watch.

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They also perform “back-breaking hard labor in dangerous conditions, sometimes in winter without proper clothing,” the group said.

North Koreans can also be sent to prison camps for trying to defect to South Korea or to work or stay in China. (*)



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