Bobotoh Denies Graha Persib, Robert Alberts Officially Resigns From Persib

The togetherness of Persib and Robert is over, at the same time meeting Bobotoh’s demands.

Thousands of Persib Bandung supporters, or commonly known as Bobotoh, packed Graha Persib which is the office of the club management nicknamed Maung Bandung.

Two points of demands were conveyed by Bobotoh, namely a change in the position of head coach held by Robert Rene Alberts, as well as an easier ticket purchase system for Persib’s home game.

This demonstration was held on Wednesday, August 10, and Persib’s management has answered one of Bobotoh’s demands — namely no. Robert is no longer the head coach of the team.

This was conveyed by Persib management through their release to the media crew. Persib and Robert separated after the Dutch coach chose to resign.

This situation occurs because it cannot be separated from Persib’s minor results in the first three weeks of Liga 1 2022/23, with two defeats and one draw obtained by the team nicknamed the Blue Prince.

“The decision to resign from the head coach is an attitude taken by Robert. He took it for the common good, especially Persib. Of course it is not easy to face a difficult situation, especially since this is the start of the season and suddenly have to appoint a replacement for the coach,” wrote the release.

Robert has been with Persib for the last three years, and had almost brought Persib to become champions in League 1 last season. With the current conditions, Persib’s management asks Bobotoh for understanding on the situation that must be lived. Because after all, Persib is still aiming to win this season.

So, we ask for your cooperation and understanding from the poor in this difficult situation that PERSIB is currently facing. Moreover, it is not easy to find a replacement coach who is ready to get a big mandate, achieving the best performance in Liga 1 2022/2023.

“So, I ask for cooperation and understanding from Bobotoh in this difficult situation that Persib is facing. Moreover, it is not easy to find a replacement coach who is ready to get a big mandate, to achieve the best in Liga 1 2022/23.”

“Based on the spirit of mutual respect and for the common interest and the good of Persib, he [Robert] even said goodbye to Bobotoh’s pride team. Hatur Nuhun, Robert Alberts for the professionalism that has been shown so far. The dedication and contribution he has given to the team that we will never forget.”

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