Bobigny: success for the vaccination of caregivers at the Avicenne hospital

“This is the only way to get us out of this story”, motivates Marc. The vaccine, this 79-year-old doctor admits to having waited impatiently: he made an appointment to receive the first dose on Saturday, barely two days after the launch of vaccinations at the Avicenna hospital. Still in contact with his patients, he adds that he had a heart attack twenty years ago, “All the more reason not to wait!”

Same conviction for Franck, 62, a liberal nurse in Aubervilliers. “During the first wave, I worked alone in the field for two months. Thank goodness I went through the cracks. But now that the vaccine is available, we might as well take advantage of it ”, enjoins the nurse. He hopes the vaccine will allow him to protect his loved ones. “I go to Guadeloupe about every three months to see my 96 year old mother. I would be remiss if it was contaminated by my fault. “

Franck, 62 years old, private nurse in Aubervilliers.

In Avicenna, we welcome caregivers from all over Seine-Saint-Denis. The consultations may not have started for just three hours, already 15 caregivers have received their first dose. 15 more are expected during the day. Figures which bear witness to the strong expectations of health professionals, especially since the establishment of the center was carried out at high speed. “Towards the end of November – beginning of December, we had a meeting with the department head. He mentioned an opening of the center for March. Finally, we are operational from January. Orders for materials, such as syringes and emergency carts, were completed in barely a day ”, a nurse tells us.

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“The beneficiaries of the vaccine first make an appointment by email or by phone”, explains a medical secretary. “On the day of their meeting, they register with us. They then have a brief medical check-up to check their history, before receiving their injection, and make an appointment in six weeks to receive the second dose. ”

As a precaution, patients should stay in the center for 15 minutes after their injection, in case they experience any side effects. 15 minutes during which Marc took the opportunity to tell us about his nervousness at the reluctance of the French in the face of the vaccine. According to him, it is explained by a communication problem. “The last time in the France 2 newspaper, journalists made a story about the drawbacks of the virus. They should instead focus on its benefits! When we repeat all day long that 60% of French people do not want to be vaccinated, the remaining 40% inevitably ask themselves questions … However, vaccines are effective. Before the flu shot, I saw almost 70 cases per day. It’s no longer the case now ! I encourage all my patients to get vaccinated. Now that I am vaccinated myself, I hope I can convince them even more. ”

Franck is less worried. “People will join in gradually, I’m sure. It’s a bit the same as for masks: people want them when there aren’t any, and they don’t want them once there is! ” he laughs. “Me, I prefer to trust scientists.”

The center is reserved for caregivers over the age of 50 or with comorbid factors.

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The Avicenne hospital in Bobigny (93). A COVID-19 vaccination center opened there last Thursday.
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