Bobby Portis declines his player option … to better extend to the Bucks?

As one of the players to decide on their player option before the deadline of this Wednesday, June 29, Bobby Portis has chosen to decline it to become a free agent. Not much of a surprise, and no need to worry if you’re a Bucks fan.

Without a doubt, Bobby Portis represented one of the best quality/price ratios this season. More than 14 points and 9 rebounds on average in 28 minutes, almost 48% shooting including 39% from 3-pointers, here is a nice little production. Production which is even more beautiful when we know that Bobby was paid only 4.3 million dollars. But at some point, you have to take the opportunity to fill the bank account and that’s exactly what Portis intends to do. According to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, the 27-year-old interior logically chose to decline his $4.6 million player option, becoming a free agent at the same time. Obviously, who says free agent says potential departure. Like every player at the end of his contract, Bobby will be able to test the Free Agency market if he wishes, he who is now in a strong position after having released his most productive season in his career. But let Milwaukee fans rest assured. While in theory the Bucks can lose Portis for nothing, in practice they should see him return on a multi-season deal.

As indicated… Bobby Marks d’ESPN, Bobby Portis can sign an extension with the Bucks for up to $49 million over four years, or an annual salary of just over $12 million. We will see if this is confirmed in the early days of the Free Agency, in any case it already corresponds much more to the level of the guy and it’s the kind of deal that can work for both the interior and the Bucks franchise. On each side, we want to continue the adventure. Portis has found a real home in Milwaukee and has even become one of the Daims’ fanbase darlings in 2021, having been a big part of the band’s championship journey in Giannis. And the Bucks are aware today of all that it can bring: energy, spacing, an inner presence, an ability to shift to position 5 if necessary (as we have seen this season when Brook Lopez was squatting in the infirmary), and above all there is this eternal bond that brings Portis closer to all of his champion teammates last year. For all these reasons, it’s a little hard to imagine Bobby wearing a jersey other than Milwaukee’s in 2022-23.

Bobby Portis and the Bucks, so it’s made to last. It only remains to formalize this in the hours to come with the signing of a nice little contract. See you on Thursday evening to complete the file?

Source texte : ESPN

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