Bob faces the biggest challenge ever in Buy Without Watching

For years, Daan and Caglayan have been looking for a safe house to buy, so that they don’t have to live in fear when they turn on the washing machine or when they plug the kettle into the socket. But with a budget of 325,000 euros they just can’t do it. High time to call in professional help, because time is running out. Not only do they have to leave their rented house, there is a second child on the way.

Alex finds the ideal home for the young family in Amersfoort. It meets almost all requirements: a nice corner house in one of the cities where they would like to live. But soon the first problem arises. Alex manages to take the house off the market for 320,000 euros, leaving only 5,000 euros for Bob to renovate.

Daan and Caglayan are very happy with their Amersfoort house when the second problem arises. There are problems with the mortgage, so it looks like Alex will have to look further afield for a long time. On the day of the deadline, there is white smoke: the bank still wants to provide them with the mortgage, so that the move can be planned.

With an extra bedroom on the schedule and refurbishing the plumbing, Bob faces a major dilemma. With a budget of 5,000 euros, how is he going to finish anything in the smoked-out house? “What is of course quite silly for me is that I have a budget of no less than 5,000 euros for the renovation,” Bob grumbles. “Well, that’s not possible. I’ve had consultations: they have discussed the mortgage again. They can get 9,000 euros for making the house more sustainable.”

The terrible tiles in the bathroom really need to be removed. Not to mention the hideous stair covering, so there’s work to be done. Bob has already come a long way with a sponsored showroom kitchen and bathroom. It helps that the couple fishes some money out of their piggy bank: in the end Bob gets a sloppy 20,000 euros to make the house more sustainable and to refurbish it.

The results are impressive. Despite few means, Daan and Caglayan are moved by the house in which their children can grow up safely. “I really couldn’t have dreamed this, it’s so beautiful,” Caglayan says. Dan is also overwhelmed. “I am speechless.”

Buy Without Looking is a resounding success, but the candidates are becoming increasingly difficult. Bob and Roos tell all about it in conversation with RTL Boulevard.

Buy Without Looking will be broadcast on RTL 4 on Mondays at 8.30 pm. You can also watch the episodes ahead at Videoland.


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