BMW will fulfill the dream for fans. For the first time in history, it will sell the M3 Touring

The BMW M division has begun testing the car that many fans have been calling for for years. It is a fast estate M3 Touring.

The BMW M3 Touring has been the dream car of many fast car fans for many years. However, the Munich carmaker has long rejected such a car, the BMW M division twice offered a fast station wagon only through the larger M5 series, for the E34 and E60 generations. Who wanted a car like the M3 Touring, had to go to Alpina for its alternative in the form of the B3 Touring. But now the management of the Munich carmaker has changed its mind and confirmed the arrival of the M3 Touring.

It will be the first production BMW M3 with a station wagon body. In the past, only a prototype of such a car was created, exactly 20 years ago, based on the M3 generation E46. In the sixth generation M3, however, the station wagon will no longer be just a theoretical possibility, but a reality.

The station wagon will complement the M3 series as the last body variant, sometime during 2022. It is currently beginning its intensive testing on racing circuits and on public roads, which will last approximately two years. The first to arrive is the M3 sedan and the derived M4 coupe, which will be presented together this September. Next year, the M4 Cabrio will follow.

The BMW M3 Touring will share the mechanical parts with the sedan, which specifically means the use of a three-liter in-line six-cylinder turbocharged with the internal designation S58. The engine is already used by SUVs X3 M and X4 M, while in M3 it will provide 353 kW and 375 kW, respectively, in the top version of the M3 Competition.

The use of all-wheel drive is also confirmed, which will certainly be seen in the station wagon. It will be available at an additional cost from the M3 Competition, where the exclusive option will be an eight-speed automatic with a hydrodynamic converter, instead of the existing seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

However, the carmaker has so far refused to provide more information about the M3 Touring. Further speculation about the engine and driving performance is welcome, but premature, writes in a press release announcing the arrival of this news. BMW certainly guessed its fans well in this regard, there will be a lot of talk about the M3 Touring now. Anyway, we are looking forward to it too!

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