BMW reveals 128. He tests the sharp front wheel on the Ring

The Munich carmaker has published a set of photographs of the upcoming BMW 128ti. It is the most powerful version of the new number one with front-wheel drive.

Stacks of papers have already been described about the intergenerational change in the Series 1 concept, so it is not worth dealing with this topic for a long time. Let’s just remind that with the new generation, the “number one” is built on a platform that prefers the front wheels (higher versions have xDrive) and the engine top is a supercharged four-cylinder.

Absolute top of the series – M135i xDrive – it was introduced to us some time ago and we have even tested it in a traditional weekly test. The novelty in the form of a 128 with a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine will be seated under the top ATV, but above the “regular” two-liter petrol. With an output of 195 kW (265 hp) and a hundred in 6.1 seconds, it will be a pre-lap Munich peak.

Apart from the powerful engine, the 128 (Turismo Internazionale) also differs in other respects. We are looking forward to minor modifications to the exterior and interior, which is indicated by camouflage foils covering selected elements on the prototypes in the attached photo gallery. In addition, the Munichs redesigned the suspension and worked on driving to make the car especially excited about sports-oriented drivers. At the front we find the Torsen self-locking differential and the M sports chassis is 10 millimeters lower.

The BMW 128ti comes standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission, for which there are two main reasons for the creators. The first is the fact that a six-step manual would not pay off economically. According to the survey, BMW says that not a third of potential customers would be interested in it. The second is the fight against emission standards, to which the machine can be “tuned” much easier. Compared to the M135i xDrive ATV, the novelty is about 80 kilograms lighter, the curb weight is 1520 kg.

We ourselves are curious how BMW will perform among the pre-round competition. And we won’t have to wait long for answers. It is currently being diligently tested on and around the Nürburgring, with the first cars on the market in November this year.


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