BMW only wants to produce with green electricity «

BMW’s 23 plants consume as much electricity as two million households. This year, the company plans to switch completely to green electricity.

1.35 p.m., January 27, 2020

BMW wants to switch its production to green electricity © dpa

BMW plans to completely switch its 23 car factories worldwide to green electricity. Production director Milan Nedeljkovic told the magazine “Automobil-Produktion” (Monday): “This year we will only be getting 100% electricity from renewable energy sources in our plants worldwide.”

The BMW plants consume around 5.2 million megawatt hours of electricity annually, as a spokesman said – roughly as much as two million households. Today, 80 percent of the electricity in BMW’s factories comes from renewable energysaid the spokesman. Examples include the wind turbines at the Leipzig plant, solar modules on an area of ​​70,000 square meters at the plant in Mexico or the biogas plant operated with the manure of 30,000 cattle at the plant in South Africa. With an electricity consumption of 2.1 megawatt hours per car, BMW is also below the average consumption of European car manufacturers.

Lower resource consumption

“On average, we only use half as much resources and CO2 to produce a vehicle today as in 2006,” said Nedeljkovic. “For example, we have installed a total of over 300,000 LEDs, which saves as much electricity as 40,000 households consume.”

BMW also has cars produced by Magna-Steyr in Graz in Austria, by Nedcar in the Netherlands and by other contract manufacturers. BMW made no statements regarding the electricity in these eight plants.

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