BMKG Warns of Potential Coastal Floods (Rob) during Full Moon Phenomenon in 2023, Jakarta – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) stated that there is a full moon phenomenon on June 3, 2023. This phenomenon coincides with perigee, aka the closest distance to the earth on June 6, 2023, which has the potential to increase the maximum sea level.

“Based on monitoring of water level data and predictions of tides, coastal flooding (rob) has the potential to occur in several coastal areas of Indonesia,” Head of the Maritime Meteorology Center Eko Prasetyo said in an official statement, quoted Thursday (1/6/2023).

Eko explained, the potential for coastal flooding (rob) in a number of coastal areas in Indonesia is predicted to be different when it occurs in each region. Rob floods, he said in general will have an impact on community activities around the port and the coast.

“Such as loading and unloading activities at ports, activities in coastal settlements, as well as salt ponds and inland fisheries,” he said.

Therefore, people in coastal areas are advised to always be alert and alert to anticipate the impact of maximum tides and pay attention to maritime weather information updates from the BMKG.

The following are the potential locations and times for Coastal Floods (Rob):

1. Coastal Aceh (Coast of Sabang, Meulaboh and surrounding areas) 2-9 June 2023

2. North Sumatra Coast (Medan Belawan Coast, Medan Marelan, Medan Labuhan) 1-8 June 2023

3. Coastal West Sumatra (Coast of Padang City) 4-7 June 2023

4. Lampung Coast (Bandar Lampung Coast) 4-8 June 2023

5. Coastal Islands. Riau (Batam City Coast) 3-10 June 2023

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6. Riau Archipelago Coast (Dabo Singkep Coast) 4-12 June 2023

7. Riau Archipelago Coast (Karimun Coast) 4-10 June 2023

8. Riau Archipelago Coast (Bintan Coast) 3-10 June 2023

9. Riau Archipelago Coast (Tanjung Pinang Coast) 3-11 June 2023

10. Bangka Belitung Coast (Pangkal Pinang Coast) 8-14 June 2023

11. Bangka Belitung Coast (Tanjung Pandan Coast) 3-11 June 2023

12. North coast of Banten 2-10 June 2023

13. West and south coasts of Banten 4-8 June 2023

14. North Coast of DKI Jakarta (Kamal Muara, Kapuk Muara, Pluit, Ancol, Kamal, Marunda, Cilincing, Kalibaru, Muara Angke, Penjaringan) 1-8 June 2023

15. North coast of West Java (Cirebon Coast) 9-14 June 2023

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