BMKG forecasts extreme weather in Central Java until January 2, 2023, here are potential rain areas

SEMARANG, KOMPAS. com-Geophysical Meteorological Climatological Agency (BMKG extensionAhmad Jani Semarang forecast extreme weather in a number area Of Central Java from 31 December 2022 to 2 January 2022.

Bearing in mind that floods, landslides and dozens of houses collapsed in several areas affected by extreme weather this Saturday, the BMKG is still asking the public to remain vigilant.

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BMKG Observation and Information Coordinator Ahmad Yani Semarang Giyarto stressed the potential for mass to rain the next two days of moderate to strong intensity will likely be accompanied by lightning, thunder and high winds.

“The forecast is that tomorrow Sunday (1/1/2023) it will rain in Cilacap, Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Wonosobo, Banyumas, Kebumen areas,” Giyarto explained on Saturday (31/12/2022).

Then Purworejo, Sragen, Karanganyar, Boyolali, Sukoharjo, Surakarta, Klaten, Jepara, Demak, Pemalang, Kab. Tegal, Magelang, Pekalongan, Batang, Kendal, Semarang, Salatiga, Temanggung and around.

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Next (2/12/2023) Rain Expected in Cilacap, Banjarnegara, Banyumas, Tegal, Brebes, Pekalongan, Pemalang, Batang, Kendal, Jepara, Demak, Semarang, Blora, Grobogan, Kudus, Pati and around.

“We urge the public to remain alert to the potential for extreme weather over the next three days,” he said.

This is because extreme weather conditions have the potential to cause hydrometeorological disasters in the form of floods, flash floods, hail, landslides, high winds and tornadoes.

“Especially for people who are and live in areas prone to hydrometeorological disasters,” he explained.

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