BMA prepares for the first lot of COVID vaccination on 25 February for 3.3 thousand people.

February 23, 2021, 2:10 p.m.

BMA governor reveals first lot of COVID-19 vaccine will receive 6.6 thousand doses, 3.3 thousand people, starting practice of injections on February 25, focusing on medical personnel And villagers in the area adjacent to Samut Sakhon before the actual injection at all 8 Bangkok hospitals

On February 23, 64 at the BMA Building, Pol. Gen. Asawin Kwanmuang, BMA Governor said today at 13:30 there will be a meeting of the Bangkok Communicable Diseases Committee. To consider unlocking activities, which will be unlocked to drink alcohol in the shop until 11:00 pm. To organize a competition, but reduce the number of people entering the field in half, details will be clear after the meeting

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The BMA said that the COVID-19 vaccination had to wait for the Ministry of Public Health to deliver it first. It will then be imported into the Subcommittee for Management of Vaccination Against Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) in Bangkok. Allocated to different parts The first lot of vaccine to be delivered to Thailand, Bangkok will receive 66,000 doses. 33,000 injections will be given to medical personnel first. Where the first target area is the area that has an area that connects with Samut Sakhon Province That is an area with COVID-19 infected Many new waves include Bang Khun Thian, Bang Bon, Nong Khaem, Chom Thong, Bang Khae and Phasi Charoen. For other vulnerable groups And the general public should have received the vaccine during March – April ’64

However, on February 25, there will be a vaccination practice. At Bang Khun Thian Geriatric Hospital In order to rehearse the steps Before starting the actual injection service There will be a queue for the vaccination service in all 8 Bangkok hospitals.

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