Bluger’s Penguins change attacker to Wild

Niks Bjugstads | Photo: NHL

National Hockey Leagues (NHL) the Pittsburgh Penguins have replaced striker Nick Buugstad with another Minnesota Wild.

The team represented by Theodore Bluger against Bjugstad has won a conditional choice for the 2021 NHL draft. The Penguins will retain part of the attacker’s salary in 2020/2021. during the season.

The resulting draft choice “Penguins” will give five choices in the 2021 draft. In addition to the conditional option, the Pittsburgh unit will have second, fifth and two seventh round options in 2021.

Bjugstad spent a season and a half in Pittsburgh. Last season, he participated in only 13 matches, in which he scored one goal and gave one result pass. During his career in the NHL, he also represented the Florida Panthers.

In total, in the strongest league in the world, we attack 439 games in the regular season and 207 (97 + 110) performance points. In the playoffs, he has two goals in nine duels and two assists.

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