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18-16 Error in receiving Italy.

18-15 Paskova finds the hands of the Orro wall.

18-13 Deep diagonal by Gennari, excellent match for Alessia.

17-13 Man-out of the Nwakalor post due.

16-13 Danesi’s joke does not pass.

16-12 Neakalor puts a ball in the middle of the field.

15-12 Answers to the Danesi center.

14-12 Saykova’s first half.

13-12 Yordanova’s attack error.

13-11 Deep diagonal of Gennari.

12-11 Broadside of Nwakalor from place two.

11-11 Yordanova finds the hands of the Nwakalor wall and brings the situation back into equality.

11-10 Ace of Dimitrova.

11-9 Yordanova finds the hands of the Danesi wall.

11-8 Paskova’s joke does not pass.

10-8 Orro and Danesi do not understand each other this time.

10-7 Pallonetto di Orro of second intention.

9-7 Gennari’s joke is long.

9-6 Fast by Chirichella, Cristina has risen by blows in these last games.

8-5 First half of Chirichella.

7-5 Fast winning by Todorova.

7-4 Muroneeee of Nwakalor and Chirichella on Yordanova.

6-4 Danesi take advantage of an abundant reception.

5-4 Good first half by Danesi.

4-4 We waste a counterattack.

4-3 Gennari’s hands-out.

3-3 Parallel of Nwakalor from place two.

2-3 Long service of Orro.

2-2 Narrow diagonal of Pietrini.

1-2 muro di Marinova su Danesi.

1-1 Yordanova’s joke is long.

0-1 It starts with a point from Dimitrova.

19:50 Italy is having a really great game especially in the break phase, with a wall-defense system that is working like never before in this Nations League. Best of the match Elena Pietrini who, upon returning to the national team, has already scored 15 points in just two sets.

25-19 Nwakalor closes it immediately without problems.

24-19 Milanova cancels the first.

24-18 Bordata di Pietrini, there are 6 set-points for Italy.

23-18 Pallonetto in pipe by Pietrini.

22-18 On the fifth attempt Bulgaria puts it down, we are playing a crazy game against the wall.

22-17 Chirichella’s winning fast.

21-17 Pipe by Pietrini impregnable.

20-17 Danesi’s joke is long.

20-16 Fortunately, nothing serious, we can continue.

20-16 Murone by Danesi, but be careful because Nwakalor took a small blow to the left arm.

19-16 Paskova’s Mani-out.

19-15 Perfect parallel of Gennari.

18-15 Nwakalor without problems from place two.

17-15 Bulgaria returns to -2.

17-14 Fast di Todorova.

17-13 First half of Danesi.

16-13 Yordanova is trying to put the team on his shoulders.

16-12 The series in Chirichella’s service ends here.

16-11 Yet another diagonal from Pietrini, which I return for her.

15-10 Pipeline by Nwakalor.

14-10 Another high blow on the hands of the wall for Yordanova.

14-9 Yordanova answers with the same coin.

14-8 Hands-out by Pietrini from place four.

13-8 Nwakalor scores from the second line.

12-8 Italy goes to the technical time-out ahead of 4.

11-8 Murone di Pietrini su Chausheva!

10-8 Chirichella is immediately forgiven in fast.

9-8 Chirichella’s network invasion.

9-7 Kitipova’s joke is long.

8-7 Fast to sign for Dimitrova.

8-6 Nwakalor finds an excellent ball in the middle of the field.

7-6 Aceeeee by Danesi!

6-6 Gennari passes through Dimitrova’s hands.

5-6 Chausheva’s winning pipe.

5-5 Mani-out by Nwakalor, it is back in a draw.

4-5 Bordata di Pietrini, who does what he wants without a wall.

3-5 Orro’s joke also escapes.

3-4 Along the Chausheva service.

2-4 Hands-out by Yordanova.

3-2 Pietrini plays with experience on the hands of the wall.

1-3 Ace of Dimitrova.

1-2 Escape the Nwakalor Pipe.

1-1 Small inaccuracy by De Gennaro in defense.

1-0 It starts with a millimeter lob from Gennari.

19.22 Flawless first set of the blues, who left very little to the opponents, making a huge difference thanks to an impeccable wall-defense system. Three mutes and three aces for Italy against a single Bulgarian winning serve. Pietrini and Danesi the top scorers with 6 and 5 points.

25-12 It closes with a wall of Nwakalor!

24-12 First deep half of Danesi.

23-12 Vasileva’s attack is bagged.

23-11 Disastro tra Kitipova e Dimitrova.

22-11 Inverted elevation by De Gennaro and deep diagonal by Pietrini.

21-11 Danesi take advantage of abundant reception.

20-11 Ace of Orro!

19-11 Todorova’s attack error.

18-11 Murone di Pietrini and Danesi also on Marinova!

17-11 Two blue miracles in defense, then Pietrini takes care of it in attack.

16-11 Marinova enters and unlocks the situation for Bulgaria.

16-10 Great defense by Chirichella and stupendous fast by Danesi.

15-10 Pietrini’s narrow diagonal, we are playing the great wall-defense.

14-10 Wall of Pietrini and Danes on Paskova.

13-10 Aceeeee by Chirichella!

12-10 Parallel fearful of Nwakalor from the second line.

11-10 Deep lob from Orro of second intention.

10-10 Paskova finds Chirchella’s hands.

10-9 Chirichella’s fast is bagged.

9-9 Nwakalor’s line is long.

9-8 Gennari breaks through on the high hands of the wall, we take the lead.

8-8 Reception and attack for Gennari.

7-8 Chausheva trova le mani del muro di Nwakalor.

7-7 Aceeee by Danesi!

6-7 Nwakalor passes in the middle of the wall and puts down a ball that is far from easy.

5-7 Pietrini’s winning pipe.

4-7 Chausheva passa in parallela.

4-6 First point in Nations League for Elena Pietrini.

3-6 Ace of Dimitrova

3-5 Pallonetto di Chausheva.

3-4 Chausheva trova le mani del muro da posto due.

3-3 Yordanova drives a nail diagonally this time.

3-2 Escape the attack of Yordanova.

2-2 Danish Wall on Yordanova.

1-2 Winning Fast by Dimitrova.

1-1 Kitipova’s joke does not pass.

0-1 It starts with a parallel from Paskova.

18:57 Dimitrova, Paskova, Kitipova, Todorova, Yordanova, Chausheva e Todorova.

18.54 This is the sextet of Italy: Gennari, Orro, Pietrini, Chirichella, Danesi, Nwakalor and De Gennaro.

18:51 Yesterday Mazzanti gave space to those players who had little of it during these weeks, given the qualification already obtained and the not insurmountable obstacle represented by Bulgaria today could repeat the same situation.

18:48 Bulgaria is instead fourteenth with 9 points and 0 chance to qualify for the Final Eight, but will still try to finish in beauty in front of the Sofia crowd.

18:45 Italy is currently fourth in the standings with 8 wins, 2 defeats and 23 points, to try to climb some positions they will absolutely have to win the last two games by three points and then hope for some misstep of the teams that precede them .

18:42 In fact, we remind you that the best seven classified will qualify for the head-to-head phase, plus Turkey as host country.

18:39 The blue, after yesterday’s success against South Korea (3-1), are mathematically qualified for the Final Eight in Ankara.

18.36 Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the Nations League of women’s volleyball 2022.

Friends of OA Sport, good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, match valid for the Nations League of women’s volleyball 2022. This is the twelfth round for the national team of Davide Mazzanti, who is already mathematically sure of qualification for the Final eight in Ankara, we remind you that the tournament formula provides a sort of Italian round, at the end of which the best seven plus the Turkey, as the host country, will compete in a series of head-to-head clashes starting from the quarter-finals, up to the final that will award the title.

Italy is now mathematically sure of qualification for the Final Eight, at this point the goal becomes to win these last games in the hope of finishing in the best possible position in the standings, in order to have a more affordable crossroads on paper in the quarterfinals. of final. The blues, thanks to yesterday’s victory against South Korea (3-1), have risen to six consecutive wins and now occupy the fourth position in the standings with 8 overall victories and 23 points. Bulgaria, which today plays at home, is instead in fact cut off for the qualification speech, but still wants to do well in front of its own public and will try to put Egonu and her team-mates in difficulty.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Italy-Bulgaria, a match valid for the Nations League of women’s volleyball 2022, news in real time, minute by minute, action after action, point by point, so as not to really miss anything. the match will start at 19:00!

Foto: Volleyballworld

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