Blue-green algae are laboratory confirmed in Daugmale and Ziedoni of Ķekava region

On July 31, Ķekava municipality received laboratory results on water quality, which confirms that blue-green algae have spread in two bathing areas, according to information published on the municipality’s website.

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Blue-green algae harmful to human health have been found in the Daugava near the rest area in Ziedonis and Daugmale opposite the Death Island, therefore it is not recommended to swim in these places.

Informative posters will also be placed on the non-compliance of water quality in these recreation areas. According to the Property Board, according to the results of water analyzes, the water quality in other recreational areas is still good, so you can safely enjoy the pleasures of water there.

This summer, the water quality in Ķekava region has been excellent, and so far no blue-green algae have been observed. Water quality is constantly monitored by environmental specialists of Ķekava municipality.

Blue-green algae are natural inland and marine aquatic organisms. Problems can be caused by their mass multiplication, or so-called water blooms. Some of the blue-green algae species found in Latvia are potentially toxic, which can release toxins into the water when they die.

For swimmers, these toxins can cause allergic skin reactions – irritation of the eyes and other mucous membranes.

Usually, the growth of blue-green algae is observed for a long time in hot and dry weather, but as the weather gets colder, windier and rainier, the “flowering” of blue-green algae decreases or disappears completely.

Before going swimming, residents are invited to pay attention to the quality of the water, primarily evaluating its color, because during the “bloom” of blue-green algae there is a blue-green-gray film on the water, which covers the water surface.

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