Blue dollar today: how much did it close this August 5

The The gap with the wholesale dollar stands at 79%, after touching 95% on July 25, and reaching a maximum of 104% in mid-May..

Eric Paniagua, economist at EPyCA Consultores, said that the drop in blue on the eve “responds to the debt agreement reached by the government and the main external creditors.”

He detailed: “The debt agreement is likely to lead to fewer restrictions for the future, as the economy minister, Martín Guzmán, said at some point, and this may have discouraged buyers, who were waiting for news from a looser exchange rate regime, “he added.

It should be remembered that, during July, there had been blockades of dollar bank accounts by banks before “unusual movements”, made by the “digital collectors”, who then used the informal market to carry out the “pure” (buy in the official and sell in parallel taking advantage of the existing exchange gap).

Since the quarantine started, the blue accumulates an increase of $ 44.50 (from the $ 85.50 of March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions to operate, not only in the Single Market and Free of Exchange, but also for the operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.

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