Blow for the national team. Galia arrives at the European Championships due to an injury, she is considering the end of her career

Galia, who works in Górnik Zabrze, was injured in the duel against Stal Mielec. Monday’s thorough examination revealed the extent of the injuries. “It’s already clear, I lost the EURO. I’m going to surgery next week, my ligaments in my knees are torn off,” Galia said on the handball association’s website.

Czech handball players led by coach Rastislav Trtík will play at the European Championships in the basic group E in Bratislava with Spain, Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Galia would like to be there, even if she can’t stand on the goal. “I will try to put together enough to help the boys at least in the implementation team. I would like to be with the team at least on the bench, as one of the assistant coaches. But I still have to solve this in the club,” he said.

The end of a career is imminent

The three-time best Czech handball player of the year, who took second place in the poll last season, is coming to terms with the end of his career.

“I have a contract in the club until the end of the season and I will decide on my future according to the operation and convalescence. So far I see it as the last match of my career on Saturday. If I was thirty, I would not hesitate. but it had to come and suddenly it was decided all at once. You are still considering the pros and cons, the surroundings are persuading and suddenly everything has decided itself, “said Galia.

However, the long-term national team does not intend to close his career prematurely. “I still keep the gates open. We’ll see how it goes, maybe I’ll come back in the end,” added Galia, a native of Karviná, determined.



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