‘Bloomberg’: EU proposes new sanctions against Belarus

The European Union (EU) has proposed a wide range of sanctions against Belarus, thus continuing to target the authoritarian regime in Minsk for its support for Russia’s war against Ukraine, the media “Bloomberg” found out.

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Russia used Belarus as a springboard to attack last February for Ukraineand Russian troops are still in Belarus.

Russia has also fired missiles at Ukraine from Belarus.

The armies of the two countries continue to hold joint maneuvers.

Sanctions could include a ban on the export of dual-use goods and technology that can be used for military purposes and can boost a country’s industrial potential, restrictions on exports of oil, coal, steel and gold, restrictions on trade and investment in luxury goods, and restrictions on aviation and energy. sectors.

As with the sanctions imposed on Russia, there are also exceptions for Belarus.

Sanctions will not be imposed on medicines, as well as agricultural and food products.

The proposed rules will also allow the EU to crack down on those who help circumvent sanctions.

Along with the new sanctions package, the restrictions set by the EU for Belarus and Russia have been equalized, according to “Bloomberg”.

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