Bloomberg: Activision Blizzard office in Versailles closes its doors – Gaming – News

I don’t really understand what this has to do with the above news. Activision is making usurious profits and letting employees go. Don’t forget the layoffs that have already taken place in Blizzard’s Customer Center. In addition, the working conditions of certain personnel within Blizzard.

This just doesn’t make sense as being Activision-Blizzard, turning record quarters into profit, yet throwing people out. It just smells like corporate greed, I wouldn’t have expected anything else from Bobby.

For the rest, every expansion is the best expansion ever before it comes out. I’ve been on Shadowlands since Alpha and there has been hardly any tuning on the classes. The beta is not open to everyone, but more people are invited. It was about time, people like me who have been testing from the beginning are getting a bit tired of it. Blizzard also adds steps that you now have to go through every time you want to test something. Of course, they do not make it easy to evaluate things quickly.

Your comparison with CP2077 is correct in some way, but it is not. CP2077 did give a lot more notice in advance that it was going to take longer, at Blizzard it was clearly an “oh shit” decision based on the input of the testers and their own testing. We already know that Blizzard likes to keep themselves busy with complex matters that they build themselves and go back to troubleshooting and balancing during the rest of the expansion. One may wonder whether all that effort is not better just in content creation, but yes, mysteries …

The delay for SL was definitely needed, it didn’t get any balls. But this does increase the pressure, because if there is no do-over.

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