Bloody Restaurant & Close Store, Owner of Deg-Degan Mall

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Mall managers admit that many restaurants are starting to prepare to leave their mall rental space because many are experiencing financial difficulties. This condition worries, especially since the restaurant is one of the tenants which has a role in attracting visitors and the portion is not small.

On the other hand, the mall managers have either run out of breath or have cash flow constraints because not all of the operating tenants have had the impact of closing malls in DKI Jakarta which hit their business. However, unfortunately incentives from the local government have not helped much.

Chairman of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI) Alphonsus Widjaja even stated that the relaxation did not solve the problem.

“The DKI government has given relief from Land and Building Tax (PBB), but it is in installments. It can be paid in installments in October, November, December. Three installments. But we think this will not solve the problem,” he told CNBC Indonesia, Friday (9/10).

The relaxation policy given by the DKI Provincial Government is due to the application of mall entrepreneurs for a long time. The businessmen considered that the relaxation that should be given was the exemption of PBB, billboards and parking, not just delaying payments. The reason is, the income that is usually obtained is currently running low due to tight PSBB.

“The problem is, the reserve fund is not there. So where do the money come from in installments? This is the problem. If relaxation is given in the middle of the year, maybe it can, because it is available and reserves. Now it is getting thinner, the funds are getting less cashflow more and less. Where do the funds come from now in installments? The policy of the Jakarta government does not solve the problem, “he explained.

The former Head of APPBI who is now the Development Board, Stefanus Ridwan, once revealed that the taxes that malls must bear to the local government are not small. He said, large malls with class A status have tax obligations of up to tens of billions per year, only for PBB.

“All the total (Land and Building Tax) for Kokas (Kota Kasablanka) is approximately Rp. 30 billion. So I don’t think it’s easy. Where do you get the money? You don’t get anything (income),” Stefanus said, Monday (27 / 4).

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

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