Blood Sugar Rises Sharply, These Are 6 Mistakes That Diabetics Often Make

Illustration of diabetes. Photo: Pixabay, JAKARTAMOMENT Knowing you have diabetes, you certainly have to make some lifestyle changes.

Diabetics indeed required to make some adjustments.

This is important so that their blood sugar levels are always stable and normal.

But sometimes, diabetics are often confused that their blood sugar is still above normal despite making some lifestyle changes.

Stress, sedentary lifestyle, poor food choices and unhealthy sleep cycles are some of the factors that can further complicate diabetes management.

Here is the explanation, as quoted on the page ndtv.

1. Sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with several health problems, including weight gain and blood sugar levels blood sugar tall.

There are several mistakes that are often made by diabetics so that blood sugar rises sharply.


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