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The Aveyron blood research group continues its work of recruiting blood dog drivers. Like every year, the association organizes a day of presentation of their hunt. It’s a passionate story. GARS members are always ready to provide valuable advice and show the way. Currently, they are 9 to help the hunters of the department each time they hurt or think they have hurt an animal.

The goal is always the same to find the animal and end its suffering. To achieve this, you need a dog of red. Any breed is suitable as long as the dog is trained and understands the job expected of him. The rest is just osmosis between the Man and his faithful 4-legged companion. The rest is a know-how that cannot be learned from books, but well and truly in the field, by practicing alongside those who know at the beginning and then alone afterwards.

The training brought together a dozen enthusiasts. Not all will become bloodhound handlers, but all came away with a better knowledge of the discipline and the association.

On July 16 and 17, the GARS is organizing a competition in Laguiole, an opportunity for all those who wish to see how a blood dog test takes place and above all to see passionate dogs in full search.

Pour plus d’information Roland Delcayre : 0672988406.


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