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On Saturday, the United States passed 12 million corona cases, where one million of them are only registered in the last six days. Over 255,000 Americans have also lost their lives. It shows the Johns Hopkins University overview.

It is probably a gloomy milestone for the country.

Almost all states are now reporting a rapid increase in the number of cases, according to CNN. On Friday, a new 24-hour record was set in the country. At that time, more than 195,500 new cases of infection were registered. In comparison, at most 77,100 new cases were reported in one day this summer, according to the survey.

On Friday, the United States also registered its highest number of hospitalized corona patients. At that time, 82,100 Americans were hospitalized, according to the channel. In the last week, more than 10,000 deaths have also been reported in the United States, which is almost double the weekly number of deaths a month ago.

– Dramatically

The development worries one of the country’s foremost corona experts, Deborah Birx. She believes the sharp increase in infection is “dramatic”.

– This is faster. It’s wider. And what worries me is that it can last longer, she says to the channel.

RED ALARM: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there is a red corona level in the United States. Video: AP
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Deborah Birx (64) and Anthony Fauci have been among the infection control experts in the United States who have been most visible during the corona pandemic.

Birx has been accused of providing internal support and scientific coverage for the Trump administration’s unrealistic view of how well the country’s coronary response has worked. But she has also received criticism from the president himself.

Got criticism from Trump

When she stated in August that the virus was more widespread then than it was in March, Birx was not particularly popular with the president. Trump went hard and called his own infection control expert “pathetic” ·

Trump himself became infected with the coronavirus in October, but has repeatedly claimed that the United States is gaining control of the pandemic despite the sharp increase in infection.

- Unforgivable

– Unforgivable

– Far higher

Today’s development, however, worries one of his own corona experts.

The increase in infection also causes Ester Choo, professor of emergency medicine at Oregon Health & Serviceom, to react. The professor believes that the US infection rate is probably far higher than what has been registered as she believes many probably do not get tested.

– So many states have positive test levels of over 20 percent, which means that we lag far behind in our confirmed cases, she says to the channel.


MANAGE: In this model you will see how to stop the corona infection. Made by Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV. An idea from Dagens Nyheter.
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The sharp increase in infection in the USA has now forced many cities to reintroduce strict infection control measures.

In the state of California, a curfew has been imposed between 10 pm and 5 am, while the city of New York has closed schools to 1.1 million students in the hope of stopping the spread of infection. Also in Chicago, residents have been asked to stay home.

US authorities have also seen will have to dissuade residents from traveling during next week’s Thanksgiving celebration.

– The CDC advises against traveling during the Thanksgiving period. It is not a requirement, it is a strong recommendation, said doctor Henry Walke at the American infection control center CDC to the press on Thursday.

Tough six months

INFECTED: 130 Secret Service agents are said to have been corona-infected or quarantined because they have been in close contact with someone who is corona-infected. Reporters: Marte Nyløkken Helseth and Vegard Kvaale / Dagbladet TV.
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A number of European countries are also facing a widespread corona wave characterized by high infection rates and dismal death records. Last week, more than 29,000 people in Europe died of the virus, according to Reuters.

– Europe is again the epicenter of the pandemic, together with the United States. There are lights at the end of the tunnel, but it will be a tough six months, WHO Europe chief Hans Kluge said during a press conference earlier this week, according to Reuters.

An imminent vaccine is now the world‘s great hope to put an end to the pandemic and the restrictions.

Both the American vaccine maker Moderna and the pharmaceutical company Pfizer claims to have vaccines that are close to 95 percent effective, and the latter has applied for urgent approval of the vaccine in the United States.

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