Blood in the “Farm” 7! A mercenary from Iraq is … PHOTO

This year’s season of “Farm 7” started more than a shock. The new entrants are more colorful than some, and among them there is even a former mercenary from Iraq, who shed blood in the first minutes of the new season.

The muscular Marian Shteryanov took off the skin of his hands as he swung an ax in the first colossal battle under the open sky, and terrible wounds blossomed on his palms. The sight shocked everyone!

Despite his excellent physical training, he fell from the builder Viktor Karov and the fuel trader Plamen Peev after a grueling collision and was sent to spend the night in the open air.

Marian, who is not used to losing, survived not only in Iraq, but also in the Bulgarian underground. He was part of a theft gang, and at the Farm he will seek forgiveness for his sins.



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