Blood & Gold with two faces

After being led by two goals, the players of Nicolas Le Bellec were able to catch up to catch the point of the draw.

Back in their lair in Balmont, Nicolas Le Bellec’s players received the US Boulogne CO for this meeting of the 31th day which promised to be a cleaver match.

However, the Lyonnais completely missed their first period. Id Azza’s first alert on an Eto’o center stopped by Kacou was only a first example of the defensive wait-and-see attitude of the locals (6 ′). The same Id Azza also opened the scoring a few minutes later with an acrobatic return to a cross at the far post from Duterte (0-1, 10 ′). Even if the Rhone players tried to react, they still lacked precision, like the head of N’Diaye on a corner from Ezikian (11 ′) or the missed cross from Nomel (13 ′). They even saw the Northerners make the break following a cross from Id Azza on which Kacou did not appreciate the trajectory of the ball, allowing Okou to push it to the back of the net (0-2, 25 ‘).

Fortunately, it was the transformed Lyonnais who found the ground in the second half. More urgent and more concentrated, they put the Boulonnais in difficulty from the first minutes. A renewal that materialized after a ride from Dekoke on his left side who, after eliminating 6 players, served Tounkara on a plateau which scored the first goal Sang & Or (1-2, 49 ′). Despite a regained mastery, it was not until the last moments of the meeting to see again a scoring opportunity for the players of Nicolas Le Bellec and on a cross from Fadhloun, it was once again Dekoke who put his family back in the right path thanks to a well-fitting inside of the foot (2-2, 87 ′). A miraculous return which passed a few centimeters to be swept away but Joseph, well found in depth, sent his powerful strike on Kacou’s bar (90 ‘+ 2)!

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A draw that still leaves a tiny hope for the Lyonnais to be able to get their heads out of the water on the cusp of their trip to Le Mans on Friday.

The match sheet:

Sporting Club of Lyon 2-2 US Boulogne CO (half time: 2-2)

31th National Football Championship day – Saturday April 24 – 8:00 p.m. – Balmont Stadium

Referees: Vernice M .; assisted by Poupeau P. & Lemaire S.

Spectators: Behind closed doors

Composition Sporting Club de Lyon : Kacou – Ngwabije (Ghezali, 66 -) – M’Dahoma – Bong – Dekoke – N’Diaye – Ezikian – Jacob – Nomel – Tounkara (Araujo, 71 ′) – Botella (Fahdloun, 44 ′) Entr. : Nicolas Le Bellec

Did not participate: Popp, Gbellé

CompositionUS Boulogne CO : Lugier – Pierret – Id Azza (Abdeldjelil, 60 ′) – Moussaki (Joseph, 80 ′) – Beghin – Eto’o – Dutterte – Okou (Bumbu, 57 ′) – Oyono – Frikeche – Diomandé Entr. : Laurent Guyot

Did not participate: Ndy Assembé, Touré

Sporting Club de Lyon warning (s): N’Diaye (43′)

US Boulogne CO warning (s): Lugier (41 ′)

Exclusion(s) Sporting Club de Lyon :

Exclusion(s) US Boulogne CO :

Sporting Club de Lyon scorer (s): Tounkara (49′), Dekoke (87′)

US Boulogne CO scorer (s): Id Azza (10 ′), Okou (25 ′)

Photo credit : Allohya & Photographitch

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