Blood donation in Quimperlé: “We can be proud because the Bretons give easily” – Quimperlé

What are the needs ?

There are a lot of collections in the region even if we travel less in factories and schools than before. We can be proud because the Bretons give easily. Since the pandemic, the Rennes transfusion center reserve has often been called upon to meet the national deficit. In Quimperlé, we do five collections of three half-days per year. We receive 65 to 70 people there every day.

Who can donate?

Anyone of full age can donate blood until the eve of their 71st birthday. Four times a year for women, five for men. We welcome people without a health pass, respecting the precautionary measures.

If the blood cannot be used for transfusion, it will be used in the manufacture of medical products. There are always usable elements.

How’s it going ?

We maintain the appointment system established since the pandemic. The person is accompanied from the reception. Medical information and blood pressure measurements are necessary to avoid risks for the donor. But everything remains anonymous. On the other hand, the file makes it possible to trace the donation and to warn the person if a problem is detected during the sorting, in Rennes. Our association intervenes before and after the sample. We make sure that a 15-20 minute break is respected, the time for a snack. In case of discomfort, they are rare, we have a beep that immediately alerts the doctor.


Next collection at Espace Benoîte-Groult, Tuesday 14, Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 September. To make an appointment :


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